Rode smartLav+ Microphone

When recording videos, audio is just as crucial as the visual aspect and capturing quality audio can be an expensive commodity for video productions. I’ve had previous experience utilizing Sennheiser & Sony lavalier microphones to capture excellent audio when used on a shoot. As an independent film maker, I have wanted to purchase one of these brands of microphones for some time, but the price has been a big deterring factor for me. When I discovered the Rode smartLav+ Microphone I was blown away at the capabilities of the device and the low cost point.


  • Smart Phone compatible: This amazing little microphone works by attaching to your smart phone to record audio internally. By utilizing the microphone in this fashion you always have a recording device handy.
  • Great mobile app: The Rode REC app can be utilized on Android or IOS devices. This app allows you to record professional audio, audio editing capabilites, the ability to share the audio recordings (via SoundCloud, DropBox, email or via FTP), advanced dynamic processing (three-band EQ, compression, expansion and many more), exporting in 9 different file formats (including mp3, wav, flac, acc and more).


  • Audio is not monitored in real-time: My only complaint about this microphone is that by using the stand-alone microphone with a mobile device you are not able to monitor the audio in real-time. This presents many concerns because you could potentially be recording poor audio, that you would only discover in post. There is an additional adapter you can purchase that allows you to monitor the audio in real-time.

Why I recommend

I recommend this microphone for a number of reasons. In particular I have found that this microphone is a great item to use when you are filming solo on a video project. This microphone is great for film makers who are shooting weddings, as the groom can easily download the Rode REC app and then pocket the microphone. The audio quality from this device is exceptional for the small price you have to pay for the Rode smartLav+ Microphone. I will be using this device for the years to come. Please consider this microphone on your next production.

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