Olympus 9mm f8.0 Lens

When I first purchased the Panasonic GH4 I had ordered the Panasonic 12-35mm f2.8 lens to use with the camera. In the days following my purchase I realized that this lens was on back order and the camera was in stock. After finding out this bad news I went about searching the internet for a cheap fun lens that I could use with my new Panasonic GH4, while I was waiting for my 12-35mm to arrive. Thats when I came across the Olympus 9mm f8.0 Lens.


  • Small and great for wide angle shots: Utilizing this lens with the Panasonic GH4 produces extremely wide-angle shots. The lens does create minor distortion to the final image, as this lens is almost considered a fish eye lens.
  • Lens cover included: An added bonus with this lens is that there is a cover that is built into this lens. This cover quickly collapses into the lens when it is time to get the shot or you need to adjust focus.


  • Terrible in low light: Since this is a f8 lens you need good lighting conditions to produce quality images. Leave this bad boy at home if you know you will be filming a night shoot.
  • Not incredibly sharp: The focus ring has 2 settings, close-up and infinity. You can stop between the 2 settings, but the clarity isn’t the best. When shooting at 4K I’ve also noticed that the image quality from this lens is a bit soft when compared to other lens in my collection.

Why I recommend
This lens is considered a body cap lens. By design this lens is meant to sit close to the camera sensor and more or less protect the camera overall. The fact that it is a 9mm makes this a very fun lens to use. In good lighting conditions this lens is a great addition to your photo/video arsenal. It’s also great for anyone looking to purchase a wide angle lens that is on the cheaper side. Please check out the Olympus 9mm f8.0 Lens if you own a micro 4/3 camera.

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