Manfrotto Befree Tripod

I had stumbled upon the Manfrotto Befree tripod while reading about new gear that was making its way onto the scene. What attracted me to this tripod was its size and weight. I knew I wanted a small tripod that I could take as a carry on when I needed to fly out of town.



  • Incredibly light weight: With the tripod extended to its full height I’ve noticed that the tripod can easily be knocked and pushed around because there is a minimal amount of weight from the tripod anchoring it to the ground. This is a minor concern for me if I’m filming and I bump into my camera.
  • Will not support a heavy duty camera: The maximum load capacity with this tripod is 8.8 lbs. While this isn’t significant it can comfortably support my camera, lenses and shoulder rig. I would recommend that you are cautious with anything more than 8lbs with this light weight tripod.

Why I recommend
Perfect for someone looking for a small compact tripod. It’s great to utilize on shoots in which one is doing a small shoot out of town and all you need is a small tripod. This tripod comes in a variety of different colors and there is also a carbon fiber version available. All in all I’m very pleased with the Manfrotto Befree tripod and will be using this product over the next few years.

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