Black Rapid RS-7 Camera Strap

I have been using this camera strap for some time now to supplement the strap that normally comes with a DSLR camera for a number of reasons. For one, I’m not a big fan of the camera strap that attaches to the sides of most cameras. I have found that these straps, although are great for keeping the camera in a very accessible area, they do not keep the camera stable when transporting equipment over large distances. I always stretch camera straps over my shoulder and try and tuck them under my arm when I need to run from one spot to the next. With the standard strap I find it difficult to utilize this method. That is why I was very pleased when I first discovered the Black Rapid RS-7 Camera Strap. This strap does everything I need and some.


  • Large and easy to toss over your shoulder: When you are done using the camera you can just drop the camera and it will fall to your hip. Versus your standard strap this puts your camera in the best spot possible when you are using the camera.
  • Can attach a camera plate to the bottom of the camera and then hook the strap to the adapter: This is one of my favorite aspects of the Black Rapid strap. I love that it attaches to the camera badeplate and thus allows one to keep this page attached at all times. This makes for a quick transition from having the camera on a tripod to removing, attaching the strap and running out the door.


  • The strap is a bit to long and it is hard to get out of the way when you are trying to store the camera: This is my only complaint about the strap and I only encounter this problem when I am trying to pack up the strap and put it away.

Why I recommend
When on set or on a shoot you need to be quick on your feet and need to move from one setup to another so you do not miss the shot. This strap is essential for protecting your gear and allowing you the flexibility you need when you are on a shoot. Can’t recommend this one enough.

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